Internship Spotlight: Sleepy Eye FFA

By: Morgan Krause, U of M Student

Last summer, I was an Agricultural Education Intern in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota through the Minnesota Agriculture Education Leadership Council (MAELC).  The focus of this internship was to provide college students like myself an opportunity to experience what the day-to-day life of an agriculture teacher looks like.  During the 13 weeks spent with the Sleepy Eye FFA chapter, I made hundreds of connections with students, assisted in developing their program and became part of a wonderful rural community.

One of the highlights of my summer was assisting in the Sleepy Eye, Tracy and Marshall four-day camp, Timberland.  I was able to progress my planning and organizing skills while having a fun week with over 60 FFA members.  It was incredible to watch students grow personally and with each other throughout the week.  I have experienced dozens of FFA camps before this internship, but Timberland was a unique in the sense that I saw the camp through the eyes of a teacher.  Being able to the “behind the scenes” portions of camp gave me a huge respect for all that our teachers do for us.

Interacting with FFA members is something I love to do.  While serving a year as a State FFA Officer, I realized my love for the FFA, but I rarely experienced what happened in the classroom.  This summer gave me a glimpse into what teachers actually do during their summers and how successful programs operate in the summer months.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the Sleepy Eye chapter, and use this experience to fuel my future career.

Morgan K


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