Internship Spotlight: Renville County Extension

By: Breannca Bussert, U of M Student

Last summer, I worked for Renville County Extension as their intern. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, as well as improve my skills. When I accepted this internship, I wasn’t expecting to do a lot of summer enrichment programs; I thought that my role would involve getting ready for the summer, chaperoning the overnight camp, and maybe going to an ambassador meeting or two. As it turns out, I did most of those things… but I also did a lot more!

My main duties, and the area where I learned the most, involved planning and running the summer enrichment sessions that were held for youth grades K-5. Each week, I was in charge of planning a new activity that would teach a new skill or scientific concept. I would meet with the Extension Coordinator (my boss, Lisa), and together we would put on these sessions for the youth. We reached over 200 youth in four different locations. I also spent time preparing for the fair by working on flyers, programs, and back tags, labeling awards, and completing other tasks. Because I was in 4-H and had seen the results of that kind of work – but had never been involved in preparing all those things – I found this to be exciting.

Overall, I learned quite a bit about Extension. I learned the importance of planning things out ahead of time, and while working on the enrichment sessions, I also learned about making adjustments through trial and error. Sometimes you have to improvise! I was able to work on team, and also work independently. I really did enjoy my experience and I can see myself possibly working in Extension Services some day!



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