Internship Spotlight: Land O’ Lakes/WinField’s Integrated Marketing Communications Team

By: Heather Franke, U of M Alumna

Last summer, I spent my time interning for Land O’ Lakes on WinField’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) team. This team facilitates the strategic planning and execution of marketing communication for all WinField brands, to help drive business. As their intern, I supported the IMC team by helping manage day-to-day needs of several communication projects with internal teams, agency partners, and vendors. I also helped launch a new brand called HarvXtra®.

Being involved in various communication projects truly absorbed me into the team’s efforts and served as an incredibly valuable summer. This experience was made up of excellent opportunities to learn from some of the best subject matter experts and passionate marketing team members. My primary project involved organizing the asset collection for the newly launched HarvXtra® alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology. For this assignment, I connected with grower customers to plan a photo shoot of the alfalfa. From the photo shoot, the team collected assets for any future marketing communication efforts for HarvXtra®.

I’m incredibly grateful to have experienced the marketing communication process first-hand with a great company. I am most thankful to have learned from the team members who truly embraced me as their intern and held me responsible for a summer full of growth! My passion for the agricultural industry only expanded because of the great people I worked with and the wonderful talents they shared with me. Exposure to people like the WinField IMC team will only make my career in agriculture more rewarding, and I hope to offer the same support to others on their way, too. The summer of 2016 was one for the books, that’s for sure!

heather-frankePictured here: IMC team members (including photographers, drone operations and HarvXtra® experts) on the day of our photoshoot in beautiful Eastern Wisconsin. This picture was taken from a drone! So cool!

 From left to right: HarvXtra® marketing leader Alison Foxx, the professional photographer, an account executive from the agency, Heather Franke, a HarvXtra® employee, a creative director from the agency, and the drone operators. 


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