Internship Spotlight: Redwood County 4-H


By Libby Wilts, U of M Sophomore

This summer, I worked with the youth of Redwood County focusing on building lifelong skills such as leadership, team building, cooking, sewing, environmental occurrences, livestock care, applied science and much more.

A common fear of people my age is making phone calls. With my summer internship, I needed to be active on the phone to find volunteers and plan events.  Throughout my twelve week internship, I gained a greater comfort talking to others on the phone, which is something I will always carry with me. When people are working with agriculture – and more specifically 4-H – there is a common goal and people will most likely have a great attitude for working with this organization. You just need to go in with a positive attitude!

In the past, I tried to avoid horses. Discovering that a horse leadership camp was something I needed to organize and execute caused me to have mixed emotions. I worked with several people who provided great resources and knowledge for this camp. All of the young people participating in the camp learned so much about working with each other and developing better direction-giving and patience. It was a fun and educational day for all, including myself.



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