Internship Spotlight:  Mainsl Services Inc. 

By Jared Owuor: U of M Senior

This blog post has been the hardest to write for me by far. In part, the challenge stems from trying to sum up my experiences in just a few paragraphs! Even more challenging, this post marks the end of my internship with Mainsl Services Inc.  This internship has taught me more than I could have imagined, and my duties were diverse and ever-changing. Sometimes it’s tough to recall everything I have taken in over the past months, but I feel that these are some of the most beneficial lessons I have learned.

What I’ve Learned:

I’m not alone: Coming into this position, I felt that I had no idea where my career was going and I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am good at. My internship gave a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me, but most importantly, I’ve come to learn that I am not alone. This job has taught me that almost everyone is in my same position. No one is perfect in the jobs they are doing.

I can be a leader:  This was my first position as a supervisor, and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The environment at Mainsl was quite relaxed, yet it taught me how to practice some qualities of a good leader. Just observing the everyday events has taught me more about teamwork, and how people can come together to get things done.

I want to thank everyone at Mainsl who helped me out during the course of my internship. This has truly been a great learning experience and I’ll be forever indebted to those who gave me a hand. As far as your internship goes, remember to always be friendly, work hard, and ask questions. Always ask questions. Hopefully you come away from your internship with as much as I did.



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