Internship Spotlight: U of M Orientation & First-Year Programs

By U of M Senior, Kristen Lee

I bleed maroon and gold, can recite the Rouser in my sleep, and know more about the University of Minnesota than almost anything else. The University of Minnesota is my home; I am “Driven to Discover” and destined to be here. Over the course of the past year, I was able to incorporate all of my U of M obsessions into an internship I loved. From October of 2015 up until October of 2016, I was a Student Program Coordinator for Orientation & First-Year Programs. I assisted in planning, overseeing, implementing, and evaluating the Freshman and Transfer Orientation Programs.

In the fall, I helped implement the recruitment and selection of the 2016 Orientation Leaders. As spring semester rolled around, I implemented the leadership development training for the Orientation Leaders. I also helped with the recruitment and selection process of the 2016 Transfer Student Ambassadors as well as assisted in the development of their spring training.

During the summer months, I implemented intensive training for the Orientation Leaders and the Transfer Student Ambassadors, and I filled the role as one of their supervisors over the summer Orientation Programs. At the end of summer, I helped wrap up the remaining Orientation Programs, implemented Transfer Welcome Days, and provided assistance with Welcome Week. When all of my duties were completed, I contributed to the hiring process of the next Student Program Coordinators and turned over responsibilities to the newly hired individuals.

My time as a Student Program Coordinator allowed me to grow into a stronger leader, a more effective communicator, and an overall better person. I was given opportunities to enhance my communication skills in various ways, I was reminded of the importance of adaptability and flexibility with plans, and I was able to rediscover my love for facilitating and my future career aspirations of becoming a teacher.

The past year as a Student Program Coordinator was an unforgettable experience and I could not have done it without an incredible support system and amazing coworkers. Orientation & First-Year Programs will always have a place close to my heart.



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