Internship Spotlight: ADM

By: Rachel Engel, U of M Junior

My summer as a corn merchandiser for ADM began with a week-long training in Decatur, Illinois. At this training, my fellow interns and I learned about ADM as a company and about the job we would be taking on over the summer. We also got the chance to network with ADM employees from different sectors and divisions of the company, and spent a day volunteering by cleaning a park.

After the training, I was relocated to Mankato, Minnesota for the summer. The Mankato office consisted of corn and soybean merchandisers. The plant was a soybean plant, and the corn merchandiser managed the corn plant in Marshall. As interns, the managers wanted us to do as much as we possibly could so we could get a feel for all the different parts of ADM.

Through this internship, I developed a new set of skills that better prepared me for life after college. It was a very professional setting, and I got a better feel for what it would be like to work 40 hours a week at a desk. Before I started this internship, I also wasn’t used to talking on the phone, and it wasn’t an activity I particularly enjoyed. However, over the summer, I answered phone calls regularly and got used to talking to unfamiliar people on a daily basis. I became more comfortable with situations I was previously unsure about, and became more confident in my daily work.


Pictured above: Rachel Engel (center), touring the Redwing ADM plant with colleagues.


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