Internship Spotlight: BlackEye Roasting Co.

By Thane Ewald, U of M Junior

Earlier this year, I served as an intern at BlackEye Roasting Co.   The position involved a lot of independent thinking and self-reliance. Throughout my internship, I was heavily involved in the brewing and production side of the business, learning how to filter the coffee as well as operate a wildgoose canning line that can fill 33 cans per minute. I was also able to sit in on several meetings with the Agriculture Department and the Board of Health when they popped in for an inspection or toured the future production site of BlackEye Roasting Co.

Through this internship, I learned about what is needed for the government to license your company as a full-scale food manufacturer. In addition to the legal aspects of the process, I learned about the harmful germs and diseases that can easily spread in the food manufacturing process and how to easily avoid contamination with the product. I also found out some key things about preserving foods and beverages that are to be sold on major commercial markets, and the kind of requirements that are needed to keep a product shelf stable.

One of the most important experiences with this internship was the Agriculture Department inspection. I learned so much from sitting in on this meeting, that I feel I have a better understanding of how to open a food processing facility and all of the things that can hinder your opening. I am planning on utilizing this knowledge in my future career endeavors.

thane-ewald-photoThane, with the filter process he designed at BlackEye Roasting Co. 



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