Internship Spotlight: Cargill

By Micah Twedt, U of M Senior

This summer, I had the opportunity to complete an internship with Cargill in Marna, Minnesota. My official title was “Sales Agronomist Intern,” and I helped out the Cargill team by creating surveys about how people are using Precision Ag. I also sold soil sampling to farmers.

Another great experience with my internship was day-to-day field scouting. It helped me to increase my soils and agronomy skills, and I was able to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it in the field.

One goal I had this summer was to have ride alongs with people in different agricultural roles. The ride alongs that were especially useful and informative were with a grain marketer, a Stine representative and an LG representative – they taught me the most about the agriculture business. The grain marketer taught me about selling and buying grain, which was something I knew very little about and it really piqued my interest in this. The Stine rep taught me a lot about being myself as a salesman. He said that if I am not going to be myself in the business, I should find a new business! The LG rep taught me about genetics, and made me even more interested in the topic.

Cargill invited all of the interns from all over the United States and China to meetings in Minneapolis, and this turned out to be one of my key experiences. They had seminars and meetings that gave great life advice. We also had a Hub visit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This meeting was valuable, and I learned so much at corn crushing plant. Corn is used in almost everything – from paper to Gatorade!

Overall, this internship taught me so much about agriculture in general, as well as how to be a business professional.



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