Internship Spotlight: UMASH

By Emilee Wendorf, U of M Senior

This summer and fall I worked at the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, or UMASH. The center is one of nine Centers of Excellence in agricultural disease and injury research, education, and prevention. I was the Student Communications Specialist for the center. I focused mainly on social media but was one of four on the center’s communications team to work on the center website, newsletter, and outreach.

Working for the center allowed me to learn more about agricultural safety, which is a topic of agriculture that isn’t discussed often, and an area I had little knowledge about. Another great opportunity with the center was being able to travel to parts of the Upper Midwest. Because the center covers Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Northern Iowa, UMASH does outreach in those states. I had the opportunitiy to travel with the center to Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, and Southern Minnesota. On my second day of work I traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to help facilitate the UMASH Annual Forum (see me in background of photo below).

I was also lucky enough to work on the Farm Safety Pledge campaign for the center. I was in charge of designing and implementing the pledge and coming up with strategies to improve the pledge’s reach. The pledge was released at FarmFest where I got to work the UMASH booth and reach out to FarmFest attendees to sign the pledge. We gathered the results and outreach from the pledge to create a poster titled “Implementing an Ag Safety Pledge to Raise Awareness and Build Stakeholder Engagement” of which I am a co-author. The poster was presented at the Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference in Iowa.

emilee wendorf


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