Internship Spotlight: Genesis Growing Solutions

By Randi Schwartz, U of M Junior

Where does your passion lie?

Have you ever thought you knew exactly where you belonged, whether in a relationship, in your college choice, or in your career, only to find out that what you previously thought was completely wrong, and you were forced to reevaluate your life? Well, exactly that happened to me this past summer in an internship I held with Genesis Growing Solutions. Growing up with an agriculture background, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to enter a career in agriculture, and, until this summer, I thought it would be in Agronomy. But I could not have been more wrong.

First, let me tell you a little about my internship, because it was a good experience with a great company – it just happened to not be in an area that held interest for me. I had an Agronomy internship this past summer with Genesis Growing Solutions. While in their internship program, I was paired with an Agronomist and spent the first part of the summer learning everything that goes on within the company. As I learned more, I was given more opportunities to go out on my own, whether to scout a field or visit a customer. Over the summer I got to meet a ton of great people and hear their stories. That was the part of my internship that I absolutely loved. But as the summer went on, I began to realize the amount of passion that some of the other interns had for this work, and it forced me to look closer at my own experience. I came to the conclusion that, while I was passionate about parts of this job, I was not passionate about the job as a whole, and couldn’t imagine building an entire career in Agronomy.

This internship was truly a growing experience for me. If not for it, I would have potentially spent even more time devoting my education towards something that I was not going to be happy doing for the rest of my life. I am so glad to have had the internship that I did, and will never regret taking the job. Because of the company that I worked for and people I worked with, I was able to make my own decision about how I felt about this career path, rather than working for a company that I didn’t like that may have biased my opinion and left me wondering if I had made the right decision in changing career paths.

As far as where my passion currently lies, I am still figuring that part out. I know that I want to go more in the direction of Ag Communications, but I don’t have the exact career that I want narrowed down yet. And that’s okay; you aren’t expected to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life. So let me leave you with a piece of advice: open your mind to new ideas. College is your time to explore different opportunities, and while you may have known exactly what you have wanted to do for as long as you could remember, you also may find something you love somewhere that you never would have expected. So take a minute to look at where you are in life. Are you truly happy? If your answer is yes, great! But if there’s even a chance that you belong somewhere else, sometimes you just need to take a chance and go make that change in your life to find what your passion is.

Miranda Schwartz

Pictured here: Randi Schwartz (far left) poses in a field with her fellow Genesis Growing Solutions interns.


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