The Next Chapter for Our Teacher Candidates

Teacher Candidates

By Ellyn Swanson, U of M Freshman

A recent Fatherly Imagination Report asked nearly 500 children, between the ages of one and 10, the well-known question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Roughly five percent of those answers were “teacher”. For thirteen of our agricultural education students, that answer of a “teacher” becomes reality on Monday, February 8th.  

Our teacher candidates will begin their next chapter this spring by student teaching under the supervision and instruction of current agricultural educators in schools across Minnesota. The candidates will be living and teaching in these communities for the next twelve weeks.

The thirteen candidates include:

Karli Anderson
Sarah Armstrong-Serbus
Jacqueline Artymiuk-Moe
Jessica Blosberg
Amy Grotsun
Emma Hoversten
Vinzenz Karl
Jessica Juncewski
Laura McAlister
Jacob Orren
Georgia Simonson
Heidie Sloot
Tiffiny Vue

After preparing for such a long time, students are greatly anticipating the opportunity to teach. Vinzenz Karl, who will be student teaching at New London Spicer said, “I am most looking forward to working closely with the FFA officers. I want to help them grow the chapter and better prepare for the years ahead!”

Heidie Sloot is excited to get out in the field and apply what they’ve been learning. “It’s one thing to imagine how we would handle certain subjects or engage our students, but it’s something else entirely to see how you perform in that situation. Getting away from what makes us comfortable is how we grow.” She said, “At the end of my student teaching, I hope I can look back and see what a difference my time in Foley has made on me as a future educator and I hope I can leave a piece of me with their program as well!”  

These students will practice the lessons and skills they have learned throughout their degree program in real-world applications as teachers.

The teacher licensure program is taught by Dr. Amy Smith and Dr. Brad Greiman. Best of luck to our amazing teacher candidates!

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” -Temple Grandin


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