Internship Spotlight: AgStar

By Annie Culbertson, U of M Junior

My internship experience with AgStar was nothing short of amazing. I am currently the Marketing, Edge and Product Development Intern in the Apple Valley flagship. My internship experience is a bit unique as the position is for whole full year. In this position I assist multiple business units on their marketing needs, aid the marketing team in any areas that they need additional help and utilize marketing tools such as Marketo and Sales Force. Additionally, I executed AgStar’s booth presence at the 2015 Farmfest.

The learning opportunities I have had with AgStar have been tremendous. My team has been extremely welcoming and I have been able to attend many meetings on various projects. Additionally, I worked on developing a webinar series for our rural development team as part of my summer internship project. Everyone on the team has been willing to answer my questions and let me learn more about their positions. I have grown as an independent worker and learned how to become a better marketer.

The key highlight of this experience was being the sole planner of AgStar’s presence at Farmfest. As the previous person that was in charge of this event was no longer with the company, this became my task. I organized all volunteers, ordered materials and executed the booth. This was a large responsibility for an intern, but I truly enjoyed that my team trusted me with this task and supported me along the way. I learned to make tough decisions and that everyone makes mistakes, it’s just how you handle them that matters most. This was a great learning experience and great exposure to what my future career could be.Anna Culbertson_89427_assignsubmission_file_IMG_8434


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