Internship Spotlight: Wakefield Pork, Inc.

By Olivia Schmidt, U of M Senior

This summer I was an intern with Wakefield Pork, Inc.  During my internship I had the opportunity to experience all aspects of pork production, from the sow farm to the office. Getting to spend most of my time out in the barns was a great learning opportunity.

Before my internship I had almost no experience with pigs, but now after my internship I am proud to say I can take care of a barn, by myself. Wakefield Pork gave me the opportunity to learn about everything that goes into pork production. I not only got to learn how to care for pigs, but I also got to see and learn about all the behind the scenes things that go on at the office.

Along with learning about pigs, I also worked with some agronomists that work with Wakefield Pork. While working with them I got to scout some fields and was able to fly a drone. Scouting fields with a drone was one highlight from my internship. A highlight from the pig side of my internship was getting to meet growers and talk with them and learn from their experiences. My summer was full of new things and I learned more than I could have imagined.

Olivia Schmidt

Pictured here: Olivia Schmidt, center, is working at an Oink Outings booth as a part of her summer internship at Wakefield Pork, Inc.


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