Student to Student: Ag Ed Continuing Student Scholarship

Agricultural Education Continuing Student Scholarship due March 3

KATELYN ASFELD:  Agricultural Education, Sophomoreunnamed

The Ag Ed Continuing Student Scholarship application as well as the CFANS scholarship is due Monday, March 3.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply.  Scholarships are extremely beneficial to students that need a little help in paying for college.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, for a 4 year public institution, tuition, room and board costs average out $15,918 annually.  For all undergraduates at the University of Minnesota, who are Minnesota residents, students pay $6,030 per semester for 13+ credits.  Doesn’t seem too bad right?  But students also have to pay the general college and program fees, service and usage fees, and the collegiate fee which varies by college.  Plus, if the student plans on living in a dorm and has a meal plan the cost of college really adds up.  A University of Minnesota Undergraduate CFANS student is looking to pay roughly $11,000-7,000 per semester. * Yowza!

With this intense debt many students face, students (myself included) wonder how they’re going to pay for it all.  There are many opportunities for students to receive money to support them through their educational career; financial aid, student jobs, work study, loans, and my favorite: scholarships.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to apply for a scholarship!”  Students have busy schedules between class, work, clubs, homework and relationships, how can one find time to apply for scholarships?  Just keep in mind… it’s free money!  People that organize and provide the funds to make these scholarships possible want to support you and help you pay for college so you can worry less about paying off your school debt.

CFANS Thanksgiving for Scholarships Dinner
CFANS Thanksgiving for Scholarships Dinner

What YOU need to know to apply:

  • Scholarship deadline is Monday, March 3
  • There will be an Ag Ed SPECIFIC question as a part of the application that you must answer in order to be eligible for the Ag Ed Continuing Student Scholarship.  It will be toward the end of the application.
  • If you are a recipient of a multi-year CFANS scholarship and are otherwise ineligible to apply again, you will still be allowed to use the online application, provided you answer the Ag Ed question.
  • The quality and clarity of your writing impact how you are scored.  Applications are evaluated on multiple criteria, including financial need, GPA, and extracurricular/work/research involvement.

Find the application at this website link:

Good luck to all!

*Information on tuition rates was found at the University of Minnesota’s One Stop Student Services 2012-2013 Undergraduate Tuition & Fees page.  For more information on the University’s costs and tuition, please visit*


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