Fifteen Teacher Candidates Celebrated at Send-Off Luncheon

Fifteen Agricultural Education teacher candidate students were celebrated at a luncheon send-off Friday, February 7 in Ruttan Hall.

teacher candidates

These students began their journey as teachers Monday, February 10 and will be teaching under the supervision and direction of current agricultural science teachers in Minnesota schools.  The teacher candidates will be living and teaching in these communities for the next twelve weeks.

During the luncheon, the candidates shared their excitement and nervousness about the student teaching experience.

“I want to learn more about what it’s like to be a teacher,” Kayla Erickson from Forest Lake said.  Kayla is nervous about being able to manage the classroom, but she said keeping an open mind will help her.  Stephanie Porter, who will be teaching in Chatfield, is looking forward to being part of a different community.  She is excited to meet new people, and believes keeping track of her school work while student teaching will be her biggest challenge.

Students are anticipating teaching, after preparing for such a long time, Steve Lammers is looking for the “opportunity to go out there and do something.”

teacher candidates2Tierney Lane hopes this experience will make her a more well-rounded individual.  She is nervous about teaching the industrial parts of classes, such as welding and small gas engines, because she has had more experience with plant and animal science.

To prepare for student teaching, the candidates spent an intensive three weeks learning about FFA, SAE and teaching curriculum.

The teacher licensure program is taught by Dr. Amy Smith and Dr. Brad Greiman.


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