Ag Awareness Photo Contest

Each year, the Agricultural Education Club shares their stories through the University of Minnesota’s Ag Awareness Day.  It is a chance for the University community to come together to learn about where their food, fiber and natural resources come from and how agriculture provides a pivotal role in maintaining a strong economy.

April 16th, 2013 marks the fourth annual Ag Awareness Day on the Minneapolis Campus of the University of Minnesota, and you can be a part of the conversation with the Ag Awareness Day Photo Contest!

Ag Aware Photo Contest

Submit your photo.  Share your story.

Agriculture effects each of us in our daily lives.  How is agriculture a part of yours?  Show off your connection to agriculture by participating in our photo contest!

Official Contest Rules:
-Photos will be accepted from individuals or groups
-All photos submitted must include a name and a brief description of the photo.
-Any photos deemed vulgar or inappropriate will be disqualified and deleted.
-No more than two submissions per person or group.
-Photos must be uploaded to the University of Minnesota Ag Awareness page.
-The top three photos based on number of likes on Facebook by Friday, April 5 will receive a prize.

Voting (or “likes”) will be counted until 5:00 p.m. CST on Friday, April 5, 2013

Agriculture is part of YOUR life.  Ag Awareness Day is your chance to find out how.

*The Ag Awareness Day Facebook page is 100% student run!  With over 1,000 “likes”, join to be a part of the conversation!  Read more about their stories!


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