Headed to Louisiana for Spring Break

Headed to Louisiana for Spring Break

by:  Hannah Wilts

As spring break nears, here at the University of Minnesota, we Agricultural Education Club members are getting antsy. We will be leaving on Friday to learn about Southern Agriculture specifically in Louisiana. Our group of 28 students, ranging from freshman to seniors, and two instructors will be traveling from Friday the 15th to next Wednesday the 20th. We are road tripping around Louisiana to expand our knowledge of agriculture and have a break from the traditional classrooms and lecture halls. Louisiana Fun Facts

It will be great to take a break from our snow and ice covered sidewalks and head where the weather is much warmer and where we won’t need to wear jackets. It will be a great chance for us Minnesotan to go from the Northern United States all the way down to the Southern border of the United States.

During the trip we will be touring cotton plantations, a sugar plantation, Avery Island where pepper plants are grown for Tabasco Sauce, and even meeting up to tour and visit with students at Louisiana State University.

Louisiana mapI am most excited to see the where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. After crossing the mouth of the Mississippi for years at Itasca State Park, it will be neat to see where it ends and where an import port for agricultural commodities in the U. S. According to Louisiana Ag in the Classroom, Louisiana has 5000 miles of navigable waterways with the Mississippi River being an important factor. The agricultural grains from the Midwest count on being able to ship the grain down the river and it will cool to be up close to the river that travels from our home in Minnesota to New Orleans, LA.

There will be more awesome experiences to keep up with and see as our group of University of Minnesota students travel to Louisiana. Look for more blogs with updates throughout the trip!

Well I’m off to the Bayou! See ya!

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