Student Profiles: Jared Luhman

Jared Luhman (Goodhue, MN)

Agricultural Education – Leadership & Communications

Jared Luhman

Background & Interests

I come from a farm in Goodhue, MN where we raise grass fed beef cattle and organic crops.  I love farming and the agricultural industry and hope to return to the family farm after my graduation and be involved with agriculture the rest of my life.

Why did you choose Agricultural Education?

I chose agricultural education because I will get an education in all aspects of agriculture including animal science, plant science, soil science, agribusiness, and several others, all of which will be of value to me on my farm.

My Advice for Students…

Never underestimate the amount of opportunities within the agricultural industry.  There is something that fits everybody – you just need to explore.

Ask Me About…

  • My experiences with the MN FFA Association
  • My families’ grass fed beef cattle and organic crop farm.

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Photography by:  Matt Addington Photography


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