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Internship Spotlight: Emily Pliscott

By: Emily Pliscott, Agricultural Communication & Marketing and Applied Economics Major Hometown: Kenyon, Minnesota After I finished the spring semester, I hopped on a plane with two suitcases and took off for the summer. I lived in Washington, DC for three months while I interned for National Farmers Union, a grassroots farm organization that advocated [...]

Internship Spotlight: Alta Genetics

By: Eva Doornink, Agricultural Communication & Marketing Major Hometown: Baldwin, Wisconsin This past summer I was the Communication and Marketing Intern for Alta Genetics. Alta Genetics is an elite company that provides dairy and beef producers with genetic and farm management information solutions that improve herd quality and productivity. I was based out of Madison, [...]

Internship Spotlight: Sound Agriculture

By: Jack Taylor, Agriculture Communication & Marketing Major Hometown: Burnsville, Minnesota During the past summer, I worked as a field intern for Sound Agriculture, a biological research company. Although the company was based out of California, I worked primarily in Minnesota. The main duty I had as a field intern was to help with the [...]

Internship Spotlight: Sand Valley Golf Resort

By: Catie Schmidt, Agricultural Communication & Marketing Major I spent my summer internship with Sand Valley Golf Resort where I was an Event Coordinator Intern. I worked alongside the Groups department creating marketing menus, setting up to create great events, building strong customer service relationships, and creating protocol for the years to come. Sand Valley [...]

Internship Spotlight: Environmental Tillage Systems

By: Megan Mathew, Agricultural Communication & Marketing Major I spent the summer after my junior year as the marketing and communications intern at Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS). ETS manufactures and sells the SoilWarrior, equipment that strip-tills land. They primarily sell in the Midwest, but also internationally. Since they are a small company, my internship covered [...]